Thomas M. McDade: “Molly V. Walters”

Molly V. Walters

Children dig foxholes but Walgreens’
pails and castle moats are dry.
Mothers keep tykes and tots,
not to mention themselves
clear of the chomping surf.
We hope the wind-taut red
danger flag doesn’t apply
to a piper cub flying back
and forth, back and forth
pulling a banner imploring:
A bystander claims the daring
suitor warms the passenger seat.
For God’s sakes, girl
launch an affirmative flare.
Forgive and forget if that’s the rub.
Aeronautics sure beat on one knee.
Sprint up and down, up and down
the beach a white flag waving.
Charm the tots and tykes to assist,
body-write YOU BET on the sand.
We worry about you and your beau
and the pilot running out of fuel.
Is that sputtering we hear?
Molly V. Walters, we will lend
our voices, shouting YES, YES, YES.
It’s sure to succeed.
We promise to love you unconditionally.
The sea will calm and the children
will applaud your filling their pails
kindly completing each castle.

Thomas M. McDade is a Fredericksburg, VA resident, previously CT & RI. He is a graduate of Fairfield University. McDade is twice a U.S. Navy Veteran serving ashore at the Fleet Anti-Air Warfare Training Center, Virginia Beach, VA. At sea aboard the USS Mullinnix (DD-944) and USS Miller (DE/FF 1091).

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