Issue 05 (Fall 2013)

Welcome to Issue 5 of The Big Windows Review, a web version of the special print version guest-edited by Chris Moriarty. Click on the titles below to read. Or click to read our e-zine version on All contents  © 2013 the individual authors or artists. Header image by Tom Zimmerman.

Click to read: The Big Windows Review 5 (alternate Issuu version)

Michael Moriarty | How Close
Michael Moriarty | The Sounding
  Michael Moriarty | A Dream About My Future
  Ben Baker | Morning Radio Speaks of Freedom
  Barbara Sofia Branca | Not White Trash at the Appalachian Garage Sale
 Adam Lowis | Poem in the Bay Breeze
  Adam Lowis | Of Saints and Serpentine Pilgrims, Part 1
  Diane M. Laboda | Steam
Diane M. Laboda | Traveler
  Chris Moriarty | Freud’s Interrogation
  Erica Morris | It gets washed
Sarah Levin | Fabric of Thought
  Simon Mermelstein | Double Cinquain for a Double Life
  ArkinKnight Winfree | Untitled
  Sheldon Ferguson | Comet Tanka
  Ayowole Oladeji | Shining Windows 
   Thomas Cudney | Virus
Thomas Cudney | Fallow Field
  Tom Zimmerman | Sonnet for the Long Married

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