Izzy Jaeger: Two Poems


You nail your wings
Telling me of course I love you
I told you today I don’t want your screws anymore
Your embrace is a hairshirt
I don’t know if it’s lining your wings
Or lining my lungs
Forgiveness lies in the pond
I am looking at my face and yours
You—gazing at your face and mine
We both want to drown our image
I wish we could borrow Solomon’s advice
Cut us in half
The current is too strong to
Break the bond
I wish someone would come fishing
Hook one of us
Free one of us
Both of us throwing out a line.



Better to be locked out or locked in
Buzzards picking at my small intestine
Critters exiting the backpassage

Buzzards picking at your hairy ass
Plucking sprouted seeds
To be rolled into bread sold at Trader Joe’s

The buzzard locked in or the buzzard locked out
Both fed organic scrapple
fixed in one way or another
Stewed in the serpentine bowels
Tossed in a Michigan salad of dried cherries, walnuts,
Blue cheese and maple syrup


© 2016 Izzy Jaeger

The Big Windows Review 7 (Spring 2016)