Derek Li ~ TWO POEMS


The valorous, voyaging vagabond–vexed by the visitation of this writer’s voluble verbiage–veered his vessel from his vacation and ventured into the vale. Via veneered viewports, the vagabond’s vigil unveiled a vista–the vivid vision of a vibrant vixen vaulting vivaciously through the verdant, viridian valley.



I can’t believe I did it. He’s dead. I killed him.

He’s just a bloody, gory smear.

I didn’t want to do it, but he pushed me too far–too far!

I couldn’t sleep. He drove me insane. He wouldn’t stop. I had enough.

I threw a paperweight at him.

It connected with an audible clunk then dropped to the floor–utter silence.

At last, I had peace and quiet. I left him on the wall and crawled back into bed. Let that body serve as a monument to the sins of mosquitos–at least until tomorrow morning.


Did I just hear another one?

© 2015 Derek Li

The Big Windows Review 6 (Fall 2015)

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