Thomas Cudney

Dithyrambic Blitzkrieg

Want to teach men the sense of their existence, which is the superman, the lightning out of the dark cloud man.” ~Nietzsche, Thus Spoke Zarathustra

Hiding his humanity behind tall walls,
In a dark fortress, enveloped by chaos,
Riding the lightning out, never in,
He could not see its inner genesis.

He let it charge within the storm, this vajra,
Hurled upon the waves of lowly mortals.
While the bastion sank into war,
His maddening furor incubated.

Within this house of shattered mirrors
Was clearest, sharpest glass.
Pieces reflected into infinity
And onto no one.

Dying in the mirrors,
No reality in sight;
So many faces,
Their author,
Mere ether.

Look in
And be cut
By the jagged edges
Of the endless oceans.
No man can sail them all
Unless shredded to oblivion.

© 2013 Thomas Cudney

The Big Windows Review 4 (Spring/Summer 2013)

1 thought on “Thomas Cudney

  1. I have changed my name to Emma Gabriel since having written this poem. I am very grateful to Big Windows review for continuing to show my work alongside other quality poets and artists.

    Visit my poetry and video blog at


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