P.C. Scheponik: “Chasing the Sun”

Chasing the Sun

Lightning bugs in jars, blinking luminescence, like God winking,
like stars gathered into jars called galaxies, blinking luminescence
so we can see our way through space, through time.
Eternity folds over on itself again and again until there is no clear
beginning, no clear end—just the infinite present that lends itself
to dreams of future past.
Who knows what tomorrow will bring?
Who knows how long lightning bugs or stars in jars will last?
Unscrew the lids. Let them all fly away.
Their great migrations of light will shape our desire to stay and
to pray until we finally get it right.
We, the children of the night, chasing the sun in our eyes.


P.C. Scheponik is retired. He is a lifelong poet who lives by the sea with his wife, Shirley, the love of his life and his shizon, Bella. He has published four collections of poetry and has been published in numerous journals.

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