Ayowole Oladeji ~ TWO POEMS


As the sunset rises early
Rays of the light beams
Air becomes hotter than lava
Trees shedding their leaves

Ground is burning so hot
People have to find some way
To cool their bodies down
So they plunge into the
Deep icy cool ocean

Suddenly it becomes pitch black
The sky darkens up
As the stars billions of them
Light up the sky
All shining and sparkling like
Diamonds are forever



Peace and lovely sunny and bright
Skies open up over the bare forest
Bears, birds, deer, rabbits, and horses
Enjoying the warm light of the sun

Sounds of the river flowing
Through the banks of the rough woods
Colors of the rainbow light up
The deep blue sky

Trees and plants blistering
In the after glaze of paradise
Hearing the echoes far far
Across the southwest

All of a sudden
Night settles in
Slowly and slowly
Pitch black
Dark as a black cat
Covers the whole woods

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