Leilauni Smith

The Little Girl

I’m scared, it’s dark, I’m cold, and confused. I can’t see, I’m not sure where I am.
I can see a point of light ahead, it’s so far away I don’t know if I can reach it.
I know I’m alone in here, but I can hear someone crying. It’s a little girl.
She’s scared, she’s crying for her mommy, wants to go home.
I follow her voice, I’m calling out to her telling her it’s alright, I’m coming.
She cries harder, louder, “Where is my brother?” she cries.
“Please, I’ll be good” she promises.
“Don’t make me go away” she begs.
I’m running now, I have to find her.
“I’m cold, I’m hungry, please let me go home” she pleads.
“I won’t be bad ever again” she begs.
I come to a door, I find the light.
There’s no door knob, I hear her on the other side, she’s terrified.
I can’t open the door, I collapse in defeat, sobbing in my helplessness.
The light is changing, getting stronger.
The door has changed, now a mirror.
I sit up, I’m on the other side, alone and horrified.
The little girl is looking back at me from the mirror.

© 2013 Leilauni Smith

The Big Windows Review 4 (Spring/Summer 2013)

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