Barbara Sofia Branca | Not White Trash at the Appalachian Garage Sale

I got $49 dollars in my wallet
even that’s old
Maybelle grabbed the fry pan for dollar fifty
ain’t no one getting’ it from her the way she’s holdin’ it

there’s a bunch people here
what do I do?
this a Maytag wringer washer
God what would Jimmy say?

I’m so blammed tired of washing
my hands
they old
can’t get no cream
this thing jus’ like new
pretty and white
jes’ a little dirt on the legs
it’ll fix up nice

Lord Jimmy’d be so mad
he don’t understand a woman’s work
Maybelle waiting for me
she spoke her mind

I wouldn’t have to bend over
no soap on my hands
they wouldn’t ache so
that wringer is downright new
clothes would go through so smooth
I wouldn’t have to stand so long
my legs got veins all over them
no wonder Jimmy don’t come ‘round

he’ll be yellin’ if I do
how much money be left for food?
how will I get it home?
maybe I won’t get any more spots on my hands
Jimmy would like his clothes being cleaner
he would like that

Maybelle’s frownin’ waiting so long
that lady’s lookin’ at it
oh God what am I going to do?
this my last chance to get something this good

© 2013 Barbara Sofia Branca

The Big Windows Review 5 (Fall 2013)

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