ArkinKnight Winfree | Untitled

Bloody blades and bloody wrists and bloody all around
Funny drips and funny lips that are bleeding on the ground
From my runny eyes to my running thighs going nowhere all the time
Yearning sighs and deathly eyes at something I thought was mine
but turning heads and jeering jabs have left me bent on over my mind
To what is real and what is fake and now i’m forever blind
wiping tears and gleaming beads of blood off my cheeks
lightly hit and gently bruise my egos already weak
ripping hard and cutting a dying body way too much
And skin so soft but metal so hard braking with just one touch
With bloody face and bloody taste and blood just dripping down
Funny drops, i’m funny lost missing somewhere in this town

© 2013 ArkinKnight Winfree

The Big Windows Review 5 (Fall 2013)

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