Simon Mermelstein

A Ghazonnet (for Brad)

the notion leapt from my head fully born
ghazal that sort of doubles as a sonnet
a terrible idea; you should be warned
not to try unless you really want it. sonnet
hideous. a frankenstein of form
that makes traditionalists wanna vomit. sonnet
lovers of the Bard just feel forlorn
fans of Rumi let out a “gosh-darnit!” (sonnet)
“why mess with perfection?” purists scorn
guess I’ve got a bee up in my bonnet. sonnet
can’t resist poetic perfect storm
confession: I am deeply hooked on phonics. sonnet
Simon. There’s my name. My name is on it.
Now such a thing exists as a ghazonnet




© 2013 Simon Mermelstein

The Big Windows Review 4 (Spring/Summer 2013)

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