Wanda Kay Sanders



Oh music of the spheres
What tautochrone nature
Causes you to follow
The orbit of the sun?

We hear, we see the
Ebb and tides of the
Ocean’s daily movement,
The silicate sparkling
In the sand beneath
Both moon and sun.

The moon reflecting
The sun’s burning
Light, just a shadow
As Earth in its
Circumference passes
In larghetto motion.

God created your
Pathway and keeps
You on its unseen
Track. He laughs
At those who claim
Knowledge of your
Movements, of
The workings of your
Home the Universe,
Where there are
Majestic wonders that
We earthbound creatures
Cannot or ever will see.


Only those who understand
How unfathomable are
Those things that you
Created and how you
Watch over them.

There is true harmony and
Hallowed music in the
Vastness of space.
Only a few can hear
The tunes and play them,
A surrendered soul joining
With the hosts of Heaven,
As finite and infinite
Unite – causes all
To be free from archaic
And human constructs
To embrace your truth.

The light of your
Spirit shines within us
As your truth is
Revealed. Your fire
Burns inside and
Out uncovering
Never ending flame,
As the sun holds
Us in his embrace.
With eternal bounds
Ever circling just
Beyond his fiery arms.

© 2016 Wanda Kay Sanders

The Big Windows Review 7 (Spring 2016)