Adam Lowis: Two Poems


Find the components,
then the components of the components.
Isotope, valence, octet
Crystal, isomer, allotrope.

Isolate particulate.
The future will be the room at the bottom,
where that infinitesimal blur of a glimmer
jumps and spins everything ever onward.

In time hence
the trade game will equalize,
held static in a web of entanglement.
The Play will be:
“I’ll raise you two downquarks
for your boson.”

Wealth will be measured
by the distance between electrons.
The reach is every destination…in time.
Quantum leap libations
Every quantum event, a remembrance
fraction of time.

Only derision for a time dark in memory.
No nostalgia for an age
when the primeval grave
drove the monstrous mechanics of appetite.

Through a crucible
it will dawn…
as if casting off the morning dream scales,
that a voice named SURVIVAL
cries out,
wild in the wilderness of our divide.

We are blinded before its hearkening;
listening, not hearing,
absent watching, not seeing…
Not knowing
that we must survive in the baptism of unity.



I’m sick of all the counterfeit escapes
that the world insists I need.
I’m sick of numbness,
in the sun’s slow blasting
of stiff shadows into concrete.
Same fate as those who wept
in the black rain fallout—
just on a longer timeline.

Opening a can of worms
just for the calories,
in ravenous boredom.
I will have to be jailed for a time,
just to liberate these lungs,
that breathe infrared, dust, asphalt.
These teeth that chew the cud
of lead-weight sugar brainfat.

Anything for more time. . .
Medicines for more time. . .
Pounding rubber to concrete
for more time. . .
The only currency on the ultimate commodity,

More time!

and anything not to sleep!
Those aggravating down-payments on death.


© 2016 Adam Lowis

The Big Windows Review 7 (Spring 2017)