S.A. Levin

The Bond

We are born chained to each other
first soft and easily let go
then hard as long-held grudges
as we age.

Weaving our lives tightly is our need and predicament
The arguments pull the yarn
sometimes even the most delicate needle
cannot smooth what is now loose
but only return our shrouds to knots.

We’re undone
some of us
clutching only ourselves
isolated as if thrown off a freighter at sea.

We’re offered rescue
someone paid to throw us a rope
it’s their duty
they’ll be gone the next day.

We wish for bondage
Pay someone to tie us up
but they too will be gone soon.

We ask to be left tied to the post
for someone to come.

© 2013 S.A. Levin

The Big Windows Review 4 (Spring/Summer 2013)

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