Steven Hoekstra: “Sestina: In my heart there is a fountain”

Sestina: In my heart there is a fountain

In my heart there is a fountain
a cool spring flowing apart from space and time
whose waters rinse my eyes
and bestow me with the spirit
of some ancient pagan charm
put there to soothe and inspire.

Passively I had hoped she could inspire
the chuckling of a parched fountain
but she lacked the charm
and I could not put in any more time.
There was no spark in her spirit
just a sunken brown set of disappointed eyes.

She fucked up and I shut tight my eyes.
I had to look within to inspire
the guidance of some ancient pagan spirit:
Sobek, Juturna, patrons of the fountain,
eternal ghosts weaving through time,
whose essences dwell within a turquoise charm.

I had meditated upon that soft blue charm
the night before my eyes
opened to a force beyond time
that could eternally inspire
like an ever loving fountain
that heals the raw and wild of spirit.

There is a steadfastness in my spirit
and an ancient essence in this charm
blessed by the heavenly fountain
springing forth through the people’s eyes.
Kind or unkind, glimpses of humanity still inspire
an ineffable bond that flows beyond time.

There will be a time
when I have cleansed this crooked spirit,
once I have spread enough love to inspire
a hopeful, happy charm
shared through friendly words and eyes.
In the face of despair, all will swim in the fountain.

In turn, please let your spirit’s fountain
overflow, with an inspired and merciful eye
shining like a timeless holy charm.


Steven Hoekstra is a proud WCC graduate and employee who currently studies English and Political Science at Eastern Michigan University. He is inspired by a variety of poets, including Emily Dickinson, Arthur Rimbaud, and John Donne. His writing explores themes of transcendence, transformation, unity, and recovery.



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