Rich H. Kenney, Jr.: “While Moonlight Trims a Fingernail”

While Moonlight Trims a Fingernail

A violin string falls in love with a chin.
A tollbooth wins the lottery. Lightning
rips open night sky sutures. A thimble
eyeballs Excalibur. A porcupine gives
birth to a peach. Two remedies opt for
second opinions. A caboose rescues a
leading lady. A doorknob reads a palm.
A paper clip pictures a sequoia. An alibi
eavesdrops on a song and dance. A yawn
is surrounded by mouse holes. Nightcaps
picket the dawn. Confetti clogs an artery.
A lovesick bowl of cornflakes remembers
a scarecrow. An eyelash tickles a keyhole.
A mustache bathes in eggnog. A French
horn kisses a cloud. A marigold replaces
a Magnum. A volcano sleeps one off and
dreams it is a jar of marmalade. A slice of
cold pie shivers in its blanket of meringue.
Sandpaper reconsiders the hand it is dealt.
A pigsty cures a side of bacon. A mothball
and a timepiece find happiness in a retiree’s
suit coat pocket. A lone wolf contemplates
midnight while moonlight trims a fingernail.


Rich H. Kenney, Jr. is Social Work Program Director and associate professor at Chadron State College in Chadron, NE. A graduate from the University of Texas with a Master’s degree in Social Work, he received a Creative Writing Fellowship in Poetry from the Arizona Commission on the Arts. Recent publications include articles in Faculty Focus and poetry in Plainsongs.

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