Olivia Oakes | Dear Olivia:

Forgive me daughter for I have sinned
I have sucked from your hole
I have slurped through your straw
I have sunken my head in your rocking chair

Dribble dribble dribble
spit spit spit
you’ve licked me like I love it
you cunning little bitch.

Don’t tell Mom
she’d be besotted
her little girl
sharing a piece of cotton

I’m all gnarled up now
Get Mom’s dryer
Take that round brush
and blow me out straight
smooth out my curls
with your silky ass shit

If I gave you the impression
that I fucked with your locks
I seek your forgiveness
But it did really rock.

© 2013 Olivia Oakes

The Big Windows Review 5 (Fall 2013)

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