Lori Cramer: Two Microfictions


She forgot her keys, so she entered the house through the bedroom window she’d forgotten to close and, once inside, flopped onto the bed she’d forgotten to make and thought about a ballplayer she’d dated in her early 20s, contemplating whether, after all these years, he still remembered her.


You Are Here 

Lately you don’t remember where you are. Too many moves, too many miles. It’s an endless cycle: Find a cheap place to crash, a diner with decent burgers, a local team worth watching for a few games. Don’t bother unpacking. You’ll soon be on the move again.

Lori Cramer’s short prose has appeared in Blink-Ink, Fictive Dream, Flash: The International Short-Short Story Magazine, (mac)ro(mic), Whale Road Review, and elsewhere. Her work has been nominated for Best Microfiction. Links to her writing can be found at https://loricramerfiction.wordpress.com. Twitter: @LCramer29. 

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