Emily Black: Two Poems

We Feed Dragons to the Moon

Moon dust fuels our love madness.
Breezes etch our bodies until they feel

like sandblasted glass. Our minds give
way to passion that suspends all thoughts

and makes us one. We worship the moon,
our heavenly mother, goddess of our love,

and nurture her with rituals that send
our fearful monsters into her ample arms.



When the music stops, we’ll melt into a seawater
puddle, a puddle of tears. I’ll wear my yellow
galoshes I had when I was five and pretend I’m
a yellow-tailed mermaid.

My open arms are waiting. We’ll spin around
the room, one limber octopus, two bodies that flow
as one in a tango rhythm. Our eyes will lock
together as we follow this gaze.

Neptune leads our dance well, but he forgets I’m
not a true sea-being and he has no power over me.
I am the moon whose golden-yellow chariot lights
the night sky with deep, mysterious reflections.

Emily Black, second woman to graduate in Civil Engineering, University of Florida, enjoyed a long engineering career. She is published in numerous journals. Her first book, “The Lemon Light of Morning,” was published in 2022. Her second book is scheduled for publication in 2023. She wears “Firecracker Red” lipstick.

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