Alan Catlin: “The Eggs of My Amnesia”

The Eggs of My Amnesia

are all broken in a dream
scripted by Brueghel night-
mares, dwarf legs scampering
like insects searching for a body,
nude adults of both sexes collared
by black cylinders, discs that
capture filthy rain, the offal that
drips from a putrid sky; a torn
backdrop, partial wall hangings
are composed in mixed media:
cloth tapestry, oil-based portraits
of demon children, underworld
lovers completely deformed, burnt
offerings behind sheer skin curtains,
howling monks, the voices of the
damned trying to remember the pillaged
feast, remnants scattered about this
cluttered studio floor: the empty
flagons, eviscerated bones, skulls
and mirrors, mirrors and skulls.

Alan Catlin has several new books out in the past year including, Exterminating Angels, a full-length book by Kelsay Books channeling Noir and art movies. His How Will the Heart Endure, a labor of love about the life and art of Diane Arbus, was just accepted by Kelsay Books. His long-lost book Altered States, a cross country trip of a United States of the mind will be out in 2023 from Cyberwit.

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