Peter Aronson: “Green”


A sea of green I see, from every tree house portal, a shimmering, gleaming, billowing symphony of green, green leaves shaped like fat needles, curvaceous lakes, Christmas trees, ovals with jagged edges; Green – spindly, jutting, and flowering, bushes, weeds, plants of all sorts, stretching, poking, screaming, oblong, skinny, bulbous – all luminous green; a trimmed green lawn soaked in morning dew; a lone brown-breasted robin nibbling, lost in a sea of green; the cacophony of birds chirping, chiming, hooting, cawing, whistling, caroming from tree to tree, yup – all green; and even the occasional pink peony bursting, exploding, an exclamation point in Mother Nature’s unwavering, unrelenting, unstinting sea of … the infinite shades, a painter’s palette, lime, seafoam, jade, forest, pickle, spruce, to name a few, every view, every vantage; spiced with the smell of freshly cut green grass, seasoned with a whiff of green basil, green mint, green thyme, green sage, erupting, volcanic like … everywhere. Really, nothing but … green.

Peter Aronson writes, “I am a former journalist and attorney and now I write short stories, children’s books and essays. My most recent book, Mandalay Hawk’s Dilemma: The United States of Anthropocene, a middle-grade novel about kids fighting global warming, was published in December 2021. (For more info about my books, please see My short fiction has appeared in The Coachella ReviewShark ReefPotato Soup Journal, and Bright Flash Literary Review.”  

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