Katacha Díaz: “The Night of the Butterflies”

The Night of the Butterflies

She dreamed a linear dream.

She flew somewhere along the River, between mountains covered with lush vegetation, and over a giant canopy, like an umbrella, of brilliant green tall trees.

She was fascinated by the large showy orchids and other exotic flowers blooming
in the tops of the forest.

This surreal journey included floating through an array of colored wings and dazzling
golden-orange butterflies. She saw shiny chrysalises and was intrigued by the
structurally impressive cocoons alongside butterflies stretching newly formed wings
in this tropical oasis.

Then, rather suddenly, she was awake, and was in the bedroom alone. No cloud of butterflies; no giant flowers, or Tarzan’s vines and strangler figs with dangling roots climbed the walls. They had been there moments before, she knew, but no longer.

She smiled. Isn’t it sublime and exciting to reconnect with nature’s gifts in a dream,
satisfying a severe case of the travel bug during the coronavirus global pandemic.

The Amazon rainforest is a magical place full of hidden treasures.
— A journey to explore tropical Eden beckons!

Katacha Díaz is a Peruvian American writer. Wanderlust and love of travel have taken her all over the world to gather material for her stories. Her work appears with Shimmer Spring, Hibiscus, Galway, Pangolin, Ethos, Poetry Pacific, Muddy River, Skipping Stones, Taj Mahal, among others. Katacha lives in the Pacific Northwest.

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