Jakima Davis: “Bob Dylan’s Blues”

Bob Dylan’s Blues 

The blues isn’t but a sandwich
With a cup of sorrow 
Sweet home New York 
Under the blue skies 
Cover in a piece of cloth 

Let’s forgive the boy 
Charley Patton will understand
Water’s everywhere 
The eye of the storm 
Battle rap of the century 

A thousand words in time
Somewhere out there 
Television’s a savior 
Let’s change the world 
Instead of complaining 

Urban cowboy rides again
Cream cheese and lox 
Cornbread and black eyed peas
Drinking tea on the beach
Stain on the notebook page

Calls to the president 
Or maybe Martin and Malcolm
Both can change the world
One Man can make it happen
Mistakes from the past 

Roasting and toasting 
Having very few peers 
Stuck on this country grammar
More game than basketball
Bagels and Need a drink of water 

Ribbons should be released
Freedom should be free
Television’s an addiction
Take off the weave

Jakima Davis writes, “I’ve been writing poetry for 21 years. I’ve been published in underground publications, including Conceit and Amulet magazines, The PEN, misfits, among others. I published three chapbooks in 2016 and 2020. I’m expecting my first full- length book of poems to be published in the following year. As of now, I’m posting my poems of Facebook to gain a fanbase.”

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