Brian Rihlmann: “Question in a Stray Cat’s Eyes”

Question in a Stray Cat’s Eyes

I like living in a place
where stray cats roam
there’s a white fluffy one around
I’ve seen several times

today I step out
as he’s padding down the sidewalk
I sit in my doorway
and say Psst!
he stops, turns,
and looks at me
then continues on his way

Psst! Psst! I say
holding out my hand
as he pauses
and looks again
his narrowed eyes clearly asking—
What do you want
you idiot?

I know because
I’ve been seeing
that same question
in the mirror
for years 

it’s a good one
all right

Brian Rihlmann lives in Reno, Nevada. His work has appeared in many magazines, including Chiron Review, The Main Street Rag, The American Journal Of Poetry, and New York Quarterly. He has authored three collections of poetry, most recently “A Screaming Place,” (2021) by Cajun Mutt Press.

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