Alan Catlin: “Mirror of Enigmas”

Mirror of Enigmas

“Forget the dead you’ve left behind
They will not follow you.”
–Bob Dylan

The mirror reveals something different
every time you look inside

The back of a head can be seen in infinite
regression, fading inward as far as a hall
of mirrors will go

A composite sketch of what you might
have looked like once, long ago, represents
nothing now no matter how far inside you go

Even in that other time zone, where a duplicate
mirror resides, where all the reflective glass
surfaces are turned flat against blank walls,

Something is happening inside the framework
but it is impossible to see what

Impossible to know anything

Even the answers to the simplest questions like:
Who am I ?
Where am I going?
Who will I be when I get there?

Alan Catlin has been publishing for six decades, which feels like the answer to a Jeopardy question these days. His most recent full-length books include, Asylum Garden: after Van Gogh (Dos Madres) and Memories (Alien Buddha). Memories Too is due soon from Dos Madres.

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