Giuseppe Andrea Liberti: “Loop #2”

Loop #2

elbow grease drumkits and a fistful of joints, that’s
what we had, how we managed to be in the spotlight
before the collapse, free from comforting

some say you reached unknown pits but I’ll follow
the footprints in search of the blue point of stress:

as you told me with nothing but strings

soul has demonic allure
________________save yourself.


Giuseppe Andrea Liberti lives in Naples, where he was born in 1992. His first poetry book, Pietrarsa (2010-2019), was published by Arcipelago itaca Press in April 2020; his poems have appeared in journals like L’Elzeviro, Levania online, la Repubblica Napoli, and Critica impura. Nevertheless, he’s still trying to take himself seriously.

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