Megan Lee: “A Day In”

A Day In 
For twenty-four hours,
everything was strawberries,
sweet on my tongue.
Snow blanketed the ground
as we ate seasoned meatballs.
I think of Union Square
and the best truffle gnocchi
I’ve ever had. 
Outside, people shovel their cars
from the depths and drive away,
their lights like the heads of flies.
I wonder if they can see me from the window.
I could miss so many faces
if I forget to look backwards.
I could miss a whole cathedral.
I could forget to miss his face
while I talk of love all day.
I’m slowly tricking myself.
At least my skin is allowed to be naked.
Tingling like carbonated lemonade under my hands.
The forgetting makes me fearful of easy smiles,
scared of feeling cold red flowers
resting on my chest.


Megan Lee is a student studying law. She enjoys writing poetry in her spare time. 

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