Colin Dodds: Three Poems

If Everything Is Fine

Then please 
explain to me how 
that blameless boy 
came to be allergic 
to his own blood


Taco Bell Bathroom Sutra

I drink 
from the same fountain as you trash
I take 
the well-guarded key
I see 
the toilet seat, and 
I pee, 
in total consciousness,
atop your careless pee



A woman 
so poor and godly
that a dollar in a dodderer’s 
outstretched hat 
is a bank deposit

I didn’t think
the train goes 
to heaven   
I thought it goes 
to Queens

One of us 
the signs



Colin Dodds is a writer with several acclaimed novels and poetry collections to his name. He grew up in Massachusetts and lived in California briefly, before finishing his education in New York City. He’s made a living as a journalist, editor, copywriter and video producer. Colin also writes screenplays, has directed a short film, and built a twelve-foot-high pyramid out of PVC pipe, plywood and zip ties. He lives in New York City, with his wife and daughter. You can find more of his work at

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