John Yohe: Three Saint Poems

Saint Lot

I tried to be a good jew + christian
+ preach the word of god to sodomites
they wouldnt listen + in fact his plan
went far beyond those awful carnal nights—
it’s hospitality: if people want
to sodomize your guests (tho what the men
did to deserve that I don’t know—I cant
imagine fucking angels) well you then
offer your daughters + if that dont work
you get the hell out of town—god will put
it in
_____ but pity me: my hag wife dies
+ my hot daughters raped me—on my word—
two nights in a row the ungrateful sluts
believe me—when has a man of god lied?


Saint Wife of Lot

I saw my husband offer my daughters
for carnal knowing to the crowd outside
in place of two strangers
____________________you are so sure
were angels + I saw that he had lied
about everything + I saw my name
erased from history but still I ran
b/c I saw what he would do to them
alone + I was right—you know what men
can do but yes I turned + saw the fire
a city burned I saw the children burn
I saw the angels laugh at us like dogs
I saw that this would be about desire
or sex so I knew it would be my turn
+ so I turned
_____________to look + saw your god


Saint Daughter of Lot

So yes when God turns yr mother to salt
get father drunk + fuck him to have kids
voilà yr christianity: my fault
when obviously it was he who did
____drinking + the raping—what’d you think?
a parable about how it’s ok
to fuck yr daughters?
__________________ha ha wink wink
those zany christians—oops I meant to say
those jews—you get my point—it’s all bullshit
control religion to control women
no exceptions for abortion in case
of incest we need punishment
for being sluts + not dad fucking me



Born in Puerto Rico, John Yohe grew up in Michigan and lives in Oregon. He has worked as a wildland firefighter, deckhand/oiler, bike messenger, wilderness ranger, and fire lookout. Fiction Editor for Deep Wild

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