Maureen Sherbondy: “The Argument”

The Argument

Let’s have an argument,
embellish our stances
with golden tongues and defiance.

Climb up the tattered fence
of history and say trite phases
like the truth of the matter is.

Make reference to statistics
and research-driven articles
from academic journals and the Times.

This is the same game we once played
at recess. Go ahead, jump over

two ropes swinging in opposition
until you trip over your own feet.



Maureen Sherbondy’s poems have appeared in The Oakland Review, Prelude, Calyx, and other journals. Her forthcoming book is Dancing with Dali (February, 2020—FutureCycle Press). Lucky Brilliant, her first young adult novel, will be published in September, 2020. Maureen lives in Durham, NC.

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