Marjorie Sadin: “An Apology”

An Apology

I am sorry we argued.
We mime our morning ritual
of coffee, burnt toast and honey.
I don’t want to leave like this.

When I return,
you grip me like a glass of Beaujolais
that could slip through your hands.
You get drunk on me.


Marjorie Sadin is a nationally published poet with poems in such magazines as The Little Magazine, Blaze Vox, Big Windows Review, and the Jewish Women’s Literary Annual.  She has five books of poems in print including a chapbook, The Cliff Edge, and a full- length book, Vision of Lucha about struggle and survival, love, death, and family. Recently, Marjorie published a new chapbook, Struck by Love.  She lives and reads her poetry in the Washington DC area.


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