Peter Schneider: “If walking”

If walking

over the fractured ridge
of Camel’s Hump

even at mid-day the cold
of shifting cloud shadows
on the dense green

below the summits
distend space
Be there

Crowds may invade
the black-lichened rocks
or no

maybe you’re alone
in the wind

In any case
your loneliness
which means nothing

will assume a
significance to you
beyond thought

under the domination
of a hawk
or whatever is near


Peter Schneider is a poet and psychotherapist who lives in Brooklyn, NY. and Rochester, Vt. His poems have appeared in AMP: The Journal of Digital Literature (Hofstra Univ.); The Buddhist Poetry Review; Mobius: The Journal of Social Change; The Shot-glass Journal; Kairos; Better Than Starbucks; and in the broadside collection, A Midnight Snack. His debut collection, The Map is Not the Territory was published by Anaphora Literary Press in April 2018. His MFA is from Columbia University, and his Ph.D. is in clinical psychology from New York University.

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