Esme DeVault: “Four trees”

Four trees

frozen tree
traumatized trunk,
my stationary sticks
iced over hard
but shining.

camouflaged tree
so many layers of green
whispering life,
distracting eyes from
my scarred stems,
broken branches,
that would not bend.

floating tree
ever hovering
over the crystalline water,
as she laps my layers.

flaming tree
blazing oranges,
fiery yellows and reds
burning heart, soaring mind
all that I caress.



Esme DeVault writes, “I am a newish poet at 54 years old. I have been writing poetry for six or seven years. I live in Rhode Island with my husband and son. I have been an English teacher and an academic reference librarian. I am currently a staff attorney at the Rhode Island Supreme Court.”

1 thought on “Esme DeVault: “Four trees”

  1. Are you the same Esme Devault that was a student in San Diego, I think SDSU back in 1983? You used to have a job at a hotel?


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