Barry Peters: “The Singular Plural”

The Singular Plural

Life in smithereens, the studio rental
crooning the acoustics of loneliness.
Blame genetics: no way could I master
the mechanics of dating, the politics
of romance, the logistics of sexual
physics. But I yearned to be in cahoots
with someone. First date, full of jitters,
trying to decide what clothes
to wear, putting my pants on one scissors-
kick at a time, glasses new and cool . . .
it was all shenanigans, this suffering
the semantics of desire. Until now,
the good news. Thanks, my love,
for enduring my poetics, for making
the singular plural.



Barry Peters lives in Durham and teaches in Raleigh, NC. Publications (some forthcoming) include The American Journal of Poetry, Best New Poets 2018, New Ohio Review, Poetry East, and Rattle.


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