ayaz daryl nielsen: Four Poems


with the poetry
of my long walk
slips off the
outhouse shelf,
down the round hole…
when I tell her,
she states, laughing,
“now, they’re holey poems!”


standing silently watching
a passenger train rolling by…
passenger train rolling…
should I be on it?


come, sacred footsteps,
and gather up this world’s
original voice, reaffirming
the sanctity of origins
within the song of
morning doves,
reaffirming the
newborn innocence
and necessary decency
of our decision
to be human


and, finally,
never again.


ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran and former hospice nurse, lives in Longmont, 
Colorado, USA.  Editor of bear creek haiku (30+ years/155+ issues) with poetry 
published worldwide, he is online at: bear creek haiku: poetry, poems and info.  
Among other deeply appreciated honors, he is especially delighted by the depth and heart of poets worldwide whose poems have a home in bear creek haiku’s print and online presence.

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