Sofiul Azam: “Who Doesn’t Want to Make Love to Someone’s Wife?”

Who Doesn’t Want to Make Love to Someone’s Wife?


Right from the word Go, I knew well that I’d have to
__cut down on fantasies, that I might even have
to hide from society’s moral pretension
__the process of pupation to get transformed

as a well-loved butterfly. You know people do wrongs
__lovingly or so they say. Yet while it’s
not totally wrong, I’ll go the extra mile for it;
__who doesn’t want to make love to someone’s wife?

What it boils down to is that its manyfold answer
__might sound harsh. Could I borrow you?
I promise you will be returned unhurt to him
__who’ll know nothing of rain’s work on a taro leaf.

It’s not a long distance love affair, rather a thrill
__of honey collection from a wild forest. Rekindle
your fantasies about how or when love is enjoyed at its best.
__Let’s do it in whatever ways we can.


I’m sure both of us have never been to a vineyard.
__Yet the moment someone utters “vineyard”
I start dreaming of making love
__to you who I’ll do everything to live with forever,

on a vineyard’s drained soil
__littered with gray leaves and pruned canes,
yes, of course, between rows of vines full of red grapes
__with the sunlight making them look like rubies.

I also want to do it with you under the moonlight,
__between rows of vines with clusters of ripe grapes
staying covered except for the star-spangled sky,
__before harvesting grapes rich in color starts in late summer.

But I don’t think the owner of any winery
__will let it happen. Maybe you to whom I hope this won’t
seem to be a one-night stand know
__most of our fantasies might remain fantasies.


Sofiul Azam has three poetry collections Impasse (2003), In Love with a Gorgon (2010), Safe under Water (2014) and edited Short Stories of Selim Morshed (2009). His work has appeared in magazines across the world. He is working on Persecution. He currently teaches English at World University of Bangladesh.


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