Robin Ray: “Antics”


Grandma cooked swill again tonight. She
hates us. Brother shaved the dog with a
one-blade razor tossed by the roadside.

No salve to its nicks. Sister snipped off
every rose’s flower. Peonies and dahlias,
too. Claimed Morticia Addams spurred

this behavior. Brother blazed the trash
bin in World History class. Blamed the
quiet autistic kid in the back. Sister

blackened her ex-friend’s eyes. Joked
about us being abandoned by a duo
currently drugging it up in a seraglio

somewhere. Swill settles the gurgle but
won’t palliate the ridicule. Maybe
running away can.


Robin Ray, formerly of Trinidad & Tobago, currently resides in Port Townsend, WA. Educated in English Composition at Iowa State University, his works have appeared online at Scarlet Leaf Review, Darkest Before the Dawn, Red Fez, Fairy Tale Magazine, and elsewhere.

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