Emma Demopoulos: “Midnight Swimming”

Midnight Swimming

I float, suspending face up in cool water, letting my legs drip toward the ground
The matrix of chlorine, hydrogen, and oxygen cups my head and fills my ears
I wait to hear the sounds of the night, but all I hear is the swirling of the above ground pool
I steal a glance at the sky and hope that the universe does not return the favor
But it always does
It reaches down to me in all of its infinite glory, bursting out in colors, only some of which I see
It bends at the hips, puckers its lips, and kisses my temple
I am only stardust clumped together and floating in a pool that’s not mine


Emma Demopoulos is a writer, creator, and general enthusiast of all things odd or quirky. She finished her debut novel and seeks representation. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with her family and two cats. She graduated from Miami University with a degree in Creative Writing. Her Instagram handle is @demopwriter.

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