David James: “Experiment in Theatre #17”

Experiment in Theatre #17

A man crawls on stage like a snake, slithering army-style,
and stops
mid-stage. From the other side, a woman appears and

crawls while
singing an old favorite Christmas song, “Drummer Boy.”
She props

herself on top of the man’s body lying on stage.
The man
lifts his head and sings “Should auld acquaintance be forgot…”

as the snow
starts to falls on them. They wiggle and try to disengage
their bodies

but are stuck, hers on his, both face down, as they sing louder
with rage.
The man writhes until he turns on the floor, facing the woman

and they see
eye-to-eye. The singing stops. They pause and then kiss with gusto,

as the curtain closes. The audience hums “Jingle Bells” as they leave
on their reindeer.


David James has published three books, six chapbooks, and has had over thirty one-act plays produced. He teaches at Oakland Community College.

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