Desdemona Moore: “after meeting in the park I & II”

after meeting in the park I & II

how dare you make
me shy like a

schoolgirl afraid of
your response how

dare you take my
hand casual as if

it doesn’t burn as if
I don’t & blood

flows fire & electricity
favors you when you

touch my hand when
your eyes do what they

do oh those eyes w/
the canyon combined

w/cities far away &
the ocean & me


I pull my hair
back in the shower

pull my hair back
& it’s you

a spark at first touch
a clasp & I pull
my wet dripping hair

away from my face

& lift up &

cannot help myself

do you ever write
poems to people do you

still see me in your mind in your mouth in your name

& yes

spring does something wild
& winter unharsh cannot stop

fires that must be quenched
that must dry the water as I

pull my hair back
look up there you

are & I’ve been


Desdemona Moore lives near Grand Coulee Dam and has had work published in a few literary magazines.

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