Serjevah Davis: “Oleander”


bright eyes
that radiate through
jewels of oleander
through each orb’s centered hazel
white light escapes

a haphazard web
birthed by euphoria and
graceful in form
brittle from the gale

each delicate soft
spindle floats
to the floor
what poison is this
that intoxicates my senses
by the orchestrated chaos

each breath you take is
a symphony
of emotions so deeply
with the drum of my own heart

we drink our vices sweetly
and toast
to the ones
we’ve left behind


Serjevah Davis grew up in Tampa, Florida, and graduated from the University of West Florida with a Bachelor of Arts in Theatre. Currently based out of Minneapolis, Minnesota, she hopes that one day her poetry will encourage readers the same way this beautiful art form has encouraged her.



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