ayaz daryl nielsen: Eight Poems

beside the highway
leaping into the river
frog who safely crossed


this city’s
harsh night life—
morning sun
nervously probes
gutter and alley


Lonely as a grave is
six feet deep. Maybe
much deeper. Measure
my loneliness at six-and-
a-half and still descending.


just a beer
or three
(and a shot)
and we’re
no longer
guys howling
the Stones’
Beast of Burden


“now that’s gross,”
she states, “zombies
with chicken pox”
thinking to myself,
who’s gonna notice



when being embraces
what a page can bring
white within black
and light within dark
a timelessness beyond
electronic uncertainty


my breakfast table
maple syrup’s sweet-talking
the blueberry pancake


someone I want to know

list of books checked out
by prior library patron
left in a collection of
poems by Bukowski:
A timbered choir: the sabbath poems
No shortage of good days
Fly fishing the seasons in Colorado
Given: new poems
Tao te Ching
Zen living
Betting on the Muse: poems
and stories by Bukowski


ayaz daryl nielsen, veteran and former hospice nurse, lives in Longmont, Colorado, USA. Editor of bear creek haiku (30+ years/145+ issues) with poetry published worldwide (and deeply appreciated), he is online at: bear creek haiku poetry, poems and info

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