Charlotte De’Ath: “Neverminded.”


the collector of sighs
works in the dead of night
listens for bed spring serenades
the unzipping of zips

love me love me not

love me not
love me not

the daises are dead
the chain is unlocked
she falls from a great height
no safety net
onto a stretcher of the emergency services
who whisk her away to
the club of the betrayed
where dj sorrow spins cracked love songs
it’s never too late

too late

she’s collapsed unconscious
drowned in her tears
her heart is broken
a thousand pieces
with no one around to help her
from the depths of darkness
there comes a hand
now she’s dancing with
kurt cobain



Charlotte De’Ath was born in the east end of London but now lives in an idyllic cottage situated deep in the beautiful Suffolk countryside. She has published one chapbook, Kicks to Hypnotise Suburban Daughters, by Erbacce Press. She spends most of her free time playing with the Clueless Collective at:

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