Christopher Barnes: 5 Guru Poems

Stagecraft At The Temple

Our guru cyclones in –
Pantomime dame falsies,
Snazzy banana ear-rings.
We’re alert or lie-abed,
By calibre, disembarrassed souls.
Headway is fundamentally a pose.


Money Pouch Banter

Our guru clucks
To his market-stall Rolex.
Flashbacks are virulences
That dodge time-bending.
Yore-fun’s pictures
Shuffle themselves to omnipotence,
Archetyping tarots
For dewy lives.


Dropping Through Cracks

Our guru live wires
That rat-shaped bulb,
Frazzling celestial dodgems.
Proceedings are whip-handed.
Jam sesh: The Grateful Dead v Us.
Orphaned by destination,
Wheels flop-gripped.
Sunup is ticketless.


The Emptying

Turmeric holdovers on Miss Piggy t-shirt.
Fresh rap about every simper’s alpha –
Our guru’s on dictum.
We yum with postures of schisms;
Tomorrow we’ll be hustled for moolah.


Soapless Journeys

A 3-splits mirror,
Furfur is this turnout’s replica.
Unclasping ingrates purse,
The secret heart, libido. In memory,
Our guru dunked at hallowing waters.
Though time herself mislays the pure.


Christopher Barnes is an artist, filmmaker, poet, and poetry and art critic (Poetry Scotland, Jacket Magazine, Peel Magazine, Combustus); is a co-editor of the poetry magazine Interpoetry; and is author of the collection Lovebites (Chanticleer Press, 2005). Christopher’s BBC webpage:

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