Tara L. Carnes: “Henna Hands”

Henna Hands

 still my profile pic

our arms outstretched

curling flowers and beautiful designs


 after the henna dried in the weak sun

we celebrated Holi

busts of color splattered everywhere

puffs of pink, yellow, blue and orange rose up

as we danced and welcomed Spring


Tara L. Carnes

Photograph by the author


Tara L. Carnes is a musician, composer, poet, teacher, and spiritual director. She is a graduate of the University of North Texas (M.A.) and the Haden Institute’s program in spiritual direction. Tara’s poetry has appeared in Voices de la Luna, The Rose in the World, Illya’s Honey, SageWoman Magazine, Cholla Needles Magazine, and Presence Journal. She lives in Houston, TX.

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