George Freek: “Fear of the Cosmos”

Fear of the Cosmos

(After Su Tung Po)

I open the window,
and breathe the spring air.
I stare at a sickle moon.
The night is incredibly clear.
I can hear crickets,
hidden in the grass
singing discordant hymns.
I’m lost in memories
of springs past.
I drink a glass of wine.
I’ll soon be fifty-five.
The stars surround me,
a halo in the sky,
but they are far away.
They bring me no cheer,
and they’ve been dead
for millions of years.


George Freek is a poet/playwright living in Belvidere, IL. His poetry has recently appeared in Carcinogenic Poetry, The Adelaide Review, Off Course, The Tipton Poetry Journal, The Ottawa Review of the Arts, and The Sentinel Liteayr Quarterly. His plays are published by Playscripts, Inc.; Lazy Bee Scripts; and Off The Wall Plays.

Joseph V. Milford: Two Poems from “After the Mermaids Have Gone, Vol. 1”

I’m free of the anvil
That hath killed all my

[insert Norwegian death metal shredding]

I’m free of the succubus
And have been sodomized
By Muses

[insert Norwegian death metal shredding]

The occult, with its
Focus on freedom
Is in the gutters and tapwater
Of this smalltown venue

[insert Norwegian death metal shredding]


My heroes didn’t hear my songs
And I didn’t hear theirs until they were dead

We miss each other and don’t even know
Our own cornbread with cracklings, the stale musty

Living room, with the plaid-covered couch
And its wooden frame where guitars were played within

The wood—the paneled wooden walls and false teeth
Of the great-grandmas

Rattling at night in glasses
In the medicine cabinets

As the trains earthquake by with promises


Joseph V. Milford is the author of the poetry collections CRACKED ALTIMETER (BlazeVox Press) and TATTERED SCROLLS AND POSTULATES, VOL I. (Backlash Press). He is an English professor and Creative Writing instructor living south of Atlanta, Georgia. He also edits the online poetry thread, RASPUTIN, A POETRY THREAD.