Kavona White: “I Ain’t Crazy”

I Ain’t Crazy

Been losing grip
Feeling myself quickly slip
Into this bed of sorrows
But I got work tomorrow
I know how this story ends
But I’ll enlist my therapist
Admitting to my troubles
Discussion begins with emotions
That have been impossible to sort
Between what’s reality and a nightmare
Impulses and negative thinking
Childhood traumas
Daddy and my po’ momma…
Are they the reason behind it all?
Or am I just too damaged?
Just an angry black female
Fucking her way through life
Hanging on by a thread
Blaming everyone else in her way
Taking hits and blows
That’s all a sista knows…
Pain is all a sista knows
There’s little time to wallow
Damn I got work tomorrow
There’s all these bills overdue and…

Cowardly I give up
Running fast
Away from existence
To hell with this world
I don’t need you.


Kavona White is a “poet in the making.” She received her B.A. in Sociology from Norfolk State University. She will be attending her alma mater for a Creative Writing Program Fall 2018. She is an advocate for minority women issues and mental health. Her aesthetic is personal, raw, and real.


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